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General conditions of sale of company products INTTECH INDUSTRY SRL

1. General

The terms shown are available for selling property SC INTTECH INDUSTRY LLC, hereinafter referred to as Seller, and Buyer named recipient merchandise. When the parties was signed another contract containing specific terms, the contract prevails. Refuse to accept the conditions of sale by the Buyer may be expressed by signing this contract refusal.

2. Offers

Offers are valid only on the date of issue or the period specified in the offer. Delivery Change Notification conditions is not mandatory. Any agreement becomes valid only after written confirmation.

3. Quality of products

Present Convention for the sale-purchase of goods specified in the bill. Product quality is stipulated in the specifications and technical standards which Buyer is obliged to inform and allegedly acknowledged before receiving the goods. Lack objections Purchaser within 3 days of receipt of goods included in the bill, on the amount and quality, is tacit acceptance of products invoiced and received.

4. Delivery of products

Delivery is made within the time limits. If Buyer delays delivery of guilt he shall bear all costs arising. Seller is not liable for failing to supply in case of force majeure. When shipping and cargo transportation borne by the Seller, he has the right to choose the way and means of transport. The risk passes to the buyer once the goods have been delivered to a dispatch office, a carrier or Buyer. Seller is not responsible in any way for damage after this time.

If the seller bear the cost of transport and it delivers products ordered and invoiced Buyer, the latter shall notify the Seller unloading place, with an address, along with the order. By the same address, Buyer shall mention his full name and particulars of the delegate or to take goods from the carrier or the Seller's representatives. Buyer agrees to notify Seller in writing, modifying any data on the location, bank account and any other such data, including those relating to payment or delivery, within 24 hours after surgery these changes. Changes are valid and binding on the Seller of the date of communication by the seller. Otherwise, purchase excluding any tor will be held responsible.

5. Reception products

Receipt of the products are made under the law, by the Buyer, in the presence delegatuluiVanzatorului, dealer or transporter as soon as he entered the court location indicated by the Buyer or the Buyer being in all cases obliged to receive the goods ordered. When the buyer pick up the goods from the seller's warehouse, reception is in his presence. By signing the document the receipt of the goods by the Buyer, the Seller is released from any liability. Signing the invoice is confirmation of receipt of goods specified in the bill.

6. Prices and payment

The prices of products are indicated in invoices are in USD and do not include VAT. They are only available for deliveries which were agreed and only if it takes the entire quantity ordered. If the goods until delivery occurring increases in duties, taxes exchange rate and / or other essential expenses, we reserve the right to change the prices offered. Amount will be paid within the time specified in the bill. The buyer has received the goods without objection on the amount agreed price and payment terms.

7. Penalties. Debt Recovery

Failure to pay the price Saddle maturity of any amounts owed to the Seller, Buyer owes an interest penalty of 0.2% per day of delay, calculated daily and applied to the amount due for the entire period from the due date until the full payment of such amounts due Seller. Penalties may exceed the amount of goods or principal to which they apply. If the buyer does not fulfill its payment obligations properly or if Seller receives information that, in the opinion of Seller, have a negative impact on the credibility or trustworthiness Buyer, Seller may declare all amounts owed by Buyer as soon due regardless of the due date originally set, and the seller is entitled to no longer honor any order launched by the Buyer. Buyer Seller due to an administrative fee representing the equivalent in RON of EUR 10 EUR for each request or CCJ Buyer Seller transmitted after the due date, independent and additional to any other rights, including rights of indemnification to which Seller is entitled to contractual relationship with the buyer.

The customer said he was informed that, if this bill will go over the recovery of the financial value of this bill will be submitted to a company specializing in debt recovery, and all expenses tracking flow Costs and successful debt collection fee amounting to 10% to be paid directly to the debt collection company over the money - debit and penalty - due to INTTECH INDUSTRY SRL

Any payments received by Seller from Buyer will be allocated Buyer's obligations in the following order: i) interest and penalties, ii) indemnification obligations, iii) management fees, costs and commissions, iv) principal obligations, each time order of their seniority in each category, starting with the oldest.

8. Ownership

All goods delivered remain the property of Seller to Buyer to pay all of its payment obligations, even if some invoices have been paid. If the tab bill payment (s) check, promissory note or bill of exchange shall be deemed paid debts to the Seller only after collecting money and not delivery tab on checks, promissory notes or bills of exchange. If the goods are sold on, all claims by the buyer acquires by selling merchandise Seller shall be deemed transferred to pay all its bills.

Buyer agrees to not violate this contract by intellectual and industrial property rights or copyrights of INTTECH INDUSTRY Ltd group of companies INTTECH INDUSTRY Ltd or any third party, otherwise be solely responsible for any damage suffered by the owner law has been violated.

9. Complaints

Complaints must be made as soon as the goods to the seller. Goods shall be deemed accepted if we receive any written complaint within 3 days from delivery. Qualitative deviations usually considered normal is accepted by the Buyer. Hidden defects are accepted only if they could not be seized even if the goods would be analyzed with the greatest attention to delivery. Seller has no liability in case goods delivered do not meet the purpose for which they were purchased by the Buyer. In case of indigence, the Buyer may request replacement goods, but can not require payment of damages. Return goods can be made only with the prior consent of Seller. Especially for the Buyer executed Goods can not be returned to Seller than Buyer with product quality. Seller has the right to visit, explore and examine the goods in the complaint.

10. Litigation

In case of any misunderstandings that may arise during the execution of this contract, it will try to resolve them amicably. In case of dispute, the parties accept the jurisdiction of the courts located Seller.

11. Final

International trade terms such as CIF, FOB, etc.. will understand the terms under INCOTERMS most recently published by the International Chamber of Commerce (International Chamber of Commerce). Trade relations are based legal provisions in Romania. If any provision above is or becomes invalid, the remaining provisions will remain valid. Any invalid provision shall be subject to substitution with a similar provision in meaning or scope of the above.


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