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Pumping units

Inttech is an authorized distributor for GRUNDFOS - pumps for various applications, both industrial as well as agricultural or residential applications. The range includes electric pumps - water pumps, submersible.

Distribution of drinking water

One of the important areas that are involved INTTECH distribution of drinking water. This section provides both network design services of high density polyethylene and delivery equipment, including supply pipes with diameters from 20 to 630mm to usual pressures up to 16 bar and a full range of electric-HDPE fittings, Butt-Welding , compression fittings.

Rehabilitation of irrigation systems in agriculture

Extension of underground networks (antennas) that adduction and rehabilitation of existing ones has become a necessity.

In this modern and most economical solution we propose is high density polyethylene pipe. Advantages assembly, flow and durability while these pipes are now known in our country.

If rehabilitation will replace damaged sections of HDPE pipes and junction to the existing pipes (cement) and new (HDPE) will be done using couplings for joining pipes.

Cable protection

HDPE pipes distributed by INTTECH ensure the highest level of protection of electrical cables, telephone and fiber.


Mechanized digging equipment for irrigation and power cables in gardens, nurseries and parks.
Roll out lawn equipment.
Mechanized equipment for digging holes for poles, large trees planted, Etc.

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