• more than 10,000 private courtyards with rooms ranging from 200 sqm and 20,000 sqm in Romania and Moldova.
  • about 200hectare irrigated parks,
  • public spaces (streets, public green areas)
  • retail space (space adjacent hypermarket, factory, production halls, etc.)
  • 34 football fields (primary and Training)
  • 3 golf rugby
  • 2 golf courses
  • 31 residential
  • water mains - barbed, Com. Snagov Gruiu, Videle, Com. Berceni, Com. Trajan - Braila County Com. Mitreni, Pades (Florida),
  • Miss Tiny (Calarasi), otter (Giurgiu), Buftea (Ilfov) etc..
  • Water pumping station - Food Lipcani - Moldova
  • Rehabilitation treatment - Lipcani
  • Irrigation in agriculture - rehabilitate old networks (hydrant valves, wings Rain) - over 100.000h areas Braila, Calarasi, Galati, etc..

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